In another major blow to the Trump administration, the Senate blocked a “skinny repeal” of the Affordable Act with three Republican senators, voting  “no.”    The three GOP senators included Susan Collins of Maine, Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, and Senator John McCain of Arizona.  Details of the plan were released only hours before the senators voted on it.  The so called “skinny repeal” would have eliminated the individual and employer mandates, an integral part of the Affordable Care Act.  According to the Congressional Budget office, the most recent iteration of the Republicans’’ bill would result in 16 million more uninsured Americans by 2026.  Senator McCain stated “We must now return to the correct way of legislating and send  the bill back to the committee, hold hearings, receive input from both sides of aisle, heed the recommendations of nation’s governors, and produce a bill that finally delivers affordable health care for the American people.”   You can read more about the defeat of the “skinny” health care reform repeal bill here: and here: