As companies struggle with soaring health care costs, many are now exploring alternative options instead of providing employees a traditional, fully insured health plan that may be offered by insurance giants such as Kaiser or Aetna. Through self-insurance, employers, or multi-employer plans use plan assets to pay out participant claims.  To protect an employer or a health plan from catastrophic losses, self-insured plans obtain stop-loss insurance policies.  Third party administrators are routinely utilized to administer the claims administration process.  Wohlner Kaplon Cutler Halford & Rosenfeld attorneys represent several self-insured multi-employer plans.  A recent article in The Investors Business Daily reports that self-insurance allows employers to customize health plans leading to improved health and reduced costs.  According to the Employee Benefits Research Institute, companies that have chosen to self-insure have risen by more than one-third since 2010.  Read the entire article here.